Service Engagement Models

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Offsite cum Onsite Team

Resource with the efficient skills, learning new technologies, positive attitude, accept challenges and deliver qulaity work on time according to the client requirements. Project Managers monitor the team, allocates the work and provide daily work updates to the clients for their satisfaction as well as have time-to-time meetings.

Add New Developers

New expertise is added to the team according to the project requirements and new technology trends, this helps in the existing team members to learn and develop new things.

Get People Onsite

Teams or professionals are deployed at the client premises and give them better satisfaction but all the things are managed according to the visa rules and regulations. Arya helps the client from the consultation to the support and maintains the best relationships thus results in repetitive clients.


A well-tried cost-effective model for companies that want to increase their productivity by reducing costs and without organizing new working places and spending time on searching and hiring reliable professionals. This model works for long-term development projects and numerous projects for the same clients due to relationships and qulaity work.

Hybrid Model

This model combines the offshore and onsite models resulting in optimum cost and maximum efficiency. The onsite team directly interacts with the client and serves as consultants, program managers or developers depending upon the project’s requirements. The offshore team interacts only with the onsite team and provides additional support thereby reducing costs and implementation time significantly.

Retainer Basis

Project Specification can be changed on daily basis or according to the business needs but the project manager manages it efficiently by task allocation and daily reports thus offers the best Productive team with the work flexibility.

Time and Material Basis

The project cost is a function of the execution time and the corresponding resources deployed. This engagement model is particularly useful in context of those projects which are quite complex and are prone to frequent specification thus provides greater flexibility to the clients in terms of project development and modifying the same as per changing market requirements.

Turnkey or Fixed Cost Basis

When the complete specifications and scope is provided for the project and there are no enough changes required during the development process then it has no risks. Therefore the offered pricing for the projects is fixed dependent upon the resources and time took to complete the project. Our process ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance.

Milestone Based Billing

Clients who are outsourcing the team first time and are more concern for the project progress can fit in this appropriately. These payments are based upon the defined work in the fixed interval of time and give justification to the client for the work and payment made

Build Operate Transfer Model

Under this model, infrastructural facilities, team and other resources are assigned dedicatedly to the clients like an extended facility, it is on the hybrid basis. It provides flexibility to clients, grabs the market faster, reduces risk and cost-effective.

Revenue Sharing Model

Here profits and losses are distributed among the Client and Arya thus gives the sense of belonging and have a win-win partnership if the product reaches the height of excellence.