Terms of services

The terms Arya meant as Aryavrat Infotech Inc. with the headquarters in SF, USA and the development center in Jaipur, India.

Name and Logo of our Company and Products are trademarks and belong to us. They can’t be used without any prior written consent and confirmation to Aryavrat Infotech.

In case we found any unauthorized access to our website from anyone we can terminate User’s Access to The Site.

Arya is not responsible for any issues occurred to the user’s system or loss of data due to content, graphics, information downloading from the site.

Projects are undertaken on the time and technology basis, accordingly, estimates are given, we assure for the product quality and the services given by us.

If the scope and specifications of the project are defined properly then we can give the accurate estimations and time to complete the projects, accordingly work is distributed between the team.

For every project, we allow the project manager to communicate with the client and explains the queries, understand requirements. Weekly or daily meetings to be held for the work updates.

Before delivering the project we test and run at our ends as well as give support to the client to 1-2 months.

Payments to be made according to the signed agreement, you can’t hold. It can be either in hour basis or fixed.