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A cloud-based solution specialized for SMEs mainly focused on the time and work management of the workforce with the real-time reports. It's impossible to track the timings manually but now it can be done automatically.


Cloud Computing

An Online Network to store and access the data from anywhere anytime, moreover helps in providing the real-time updates and allows to work in offline mode..


Empower your business and employess by the mobile platform for the work management and time to time reporting.

Artificial Intelligence

If the user reaches the defined location then according to the configurations receives the notification for the shared work or the previous work done.

Tech stack

  • Java
  • Php
  • MQTT Servers
  • Amazon cloud
  • Chat Component

Higher Productivity

Best Time Mangement of Employees by minimizing the surfing time from 30% to 40% and avoiding the distractions thus work deliveries on or before time.

Increase in Revenue

Managers are the most expensive resources and it's difficult to record their meeting time thus it allows to save time and money by monitoring. 

Time and Money Saver for the Business

  • 99%

    happy customers

  • 80%

    increase in revenue

  • 2%

    churan rate