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meTo TM an easy to use home/ office automation system. Integration of the hardware device with the app to regulate the operations of electrical appliances, scheduling the On/Off switches and alerts on email/mobile for any unauthorized use.


Hardware and Firmware

Switch Boards to be installed in the existing switchboard to regulate the appliances. The gateway communicates with your switchboard device and relays/receives any information to/from the cloud if any event is activated or any changes made to switches and cloud then quickly notifies through smartphone or tablet.

Cloud Computing

An Online Network for connecting the appliances with the mobile platforms for the storage and analysis of data.Thus it helps in operating the appliances from anywhere and give alerts to the user if an event occurs.


Mobile Apps to operate the appliances, setting up the switches, receiving alerts, scheduling the operations, tracks and notifies for the energy consumption from anywhere moreover allows other members to give access in your absence. End to End monitoring of home and office electrical appliances.

Tech stack

  • Z-Stack Protocol
  • MQTT Servers
  • Airplay
  • Universal IR Remote Control
  • OK Google APIs
  • Voice Recognition_Veronica
  • Switch Board

Energy Saver

With meTo™ , your home can take the smart decisions such as turning off appliances while you are away, keeping you updated with your current electricity bill and energy consumption moreover  guides to control the power consumption.

Scheduler and Notifications

Children are used to play with many appliances and can harm themselves. meTo™ notifies you about the unauthorized access to the appliances from anywhere so that you can lock that appliance. Not in the mood to ON and OFF the same switches daily, let's schedule them so they will automatically be turned on and off

Smart automated solution to empower the appliances from anywhere.

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